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Sedation Dentistry

Are You The Right Candidate For IV Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry has a significant contribution to most dental practices. With this, more dentists have successfully administered dental procedures and treatments to their patients. Through this procedure, patients can remain calm, relaxed, and comfortable during the procedure. There are three types of sedation that dental professionals administer to their patients. IV sedation dentistry Laughing gas sedation or nitrous oxide sedation Oral sedation   Today, more dental practitioners commonly use nitrous oxide and oral sedation, especially for tooth extraction in Thornhill, Ontario.... Read More →

Common Injuries That Need Same-Day Emergency Dental Care

Accidents that lead to dental injuries happen at any given time, usually without warning. Both young and adults are prone to injuries and need emergency dental care. Although not all are sports-related, yet, the percentage is higher for those who don’t wear sports mouthguards when they engage in sports.   When a dental emergency strikes, sometimes you’re caught off guard and you don’t know where to seek for dental emergency services. In a dental health threatening situation, identify the type of injury first. Doing so will determine if it can wait for the dental clinic hours. If not, you... Read More →
ceramic dental braces

Have Straighter Teeth With Ceramic Dental Braces

Anyone with crooked, crowded, or misaligned teeth does not feel comfortable and confident to smile. They need to undergo orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth and improve their oral health. More often, the common treatment for this would be clear aligners; yet, this option applies to common orthodontic issues. The next standout option is ceramic dental braces. What are ceramic dental braces? Ceramic braces are patterned from the traditional metal braces. As the name suggests, the difference is the use of small and rounded ceramic clear brackets that offer a discreet appearance.... Read More →
dental bridge

Preserve Your Smile With A Same-day Dental Bridge

More dental clinics address patients’ tooth loss through a dental bridge restoration. Teeth bridges are a type of fixed restorative treatment that replace one or more missing teeth. With the help of modern technology, this type of restoration can now be done in one visit. As a result, patients need not wait for days before their smiles are restored. One of the best tooth restoration options available is a porcelain dental bridge. Other materials used are metals such as gold and alloy, a mix of metal and porcelain, or composite resin. Dental bridge procedure Assessment During the patient’s... Read More →

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