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My Front Tooth Is Broken, What Do I Do Now?

You got into an accident. You bit on something hard. Voila! Now, you have a broken front tooth. What do you do? See your dentist in Thornhill immediately for proper treatment. Depending on the injury, a broken front tooth could result in a trauma that may need a dental treatment. This type of injury can be treated by the dentist in Thornhill and may recommend one of the following treatments: Bonding – It is made to resemble the natural color of your tooth. It is used to seal or fill the tooth crack. Bonding requires fewer trips to the dentist and costs lesser than other dental... Read More →
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How Do I Prevent Tooth Decay

The enamel is the outermost layer of the teeth. Once it is damaged, tooth decay starts to kick in. To avoid tooth decay, it is also beneficial for you to know how it comes about. It starts when a sticky film of bacteria called plaque stays on the surface of the teeth for a long time. This happens when sugar and starch residue sit on the teeth for a long time. When the plaque builds up and is left uncleaned, it can destroy your teeth. Our Thornhill dentist can help you and your family prevent tooth decay. Here are some tips on how you can avoid tooth decay: Brush your teeth at least two... Read More →
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The Cost of A Dental Crown

If your tooth is severely damaged and is beyond repair, is there still a way to save it? Dental crowns can restore your teeth. How much does a tooth crown cost? Is there a dental clinic in Thornhill that offers an affordable dental crown procedure? These are some of the questions we aim to answer for you. Removing your damaged tooth is the last resort if it is beyond repair. Your dentist will check all possible ways to restore it and dental crowns are one of the many treatments available. Dental crowns protect damaged teeth by providing a more durable chewing surface. It is placed on top... Read More →
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How Much Does Teeth Cleaning Cost

When was the last time you had your teeth cleaned? Do you know a dental clinic that offers affordable teeth cleaning? If you have not found one yet, you might want to visit The World Dental Clinic, a dental office in Thornhill. Before we discuss the cost of a dental cleaning, let’s talk about why it is essential for your oral health. Regular dental cleaning or oral prophylaxis is an affordable way to clean and maintain your oral health. Brushing and flossing alone won’t do the work. There are areas in the mouth that cannot be reached by toothbrush bristles. Prophylaxis can remove the... Read More →

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