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Thornhill Dentist : Taking Care of Your Teeth at Home

If you protect and take care of your teeth, it is most likely to last a lifetime.  Tooth decay doesn’t only happen to kids, but also to adults because tooth decay can happen as long as you have natural teeth. While the use of fluoride toothpaste is a good practice for a home routine, you also have an option to visit a dentist teeth cleaning Thornhill for a more detailed cleaning work. When you have good oral hygiene, it results in a healthy mouth, and therefore also avoid diseases such as gum diseases caused by the build-up of dirt in the gums. When infected with gum disease, the gums... Read More →
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Porcelain Veneers Cost in Thornhill North York

Porcelain veneers: What is it and how much does it cost? A porcelain veneer is another way to improve your teeth’s aesthetics. It enhances your smile and may be a better option than getting a dental crown. It is a thin cement covering that is glued to the tooth to cover imperfections such as a chip, a discoloration or a stain. They are custom made to fit the color and contours of your tooth. A lot of dentists recommend porcelain veneers cost Thornhill as they are easier to put and less intrusive. The most common material used for veneers is porcelain and can last anywhere between... Read More →
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Secrets to Make Flossing Simpler

Most, if not all dentists strongly suggest flossing. The tiny gaps between your teeth that are unreachable by your toothbrush collect dirt and may later on progress to a gum disease. While a lot of people ignore the importance of flossing, your female dentist in Thornhill would be glad to share tips to make flossing easy.Some people have completely disregarded the idea of flossing because they probably don’t know how to floss, or they might not have the time to floss at all, as flossing takes time and some amount of patience. There are two types of floss, the waxed floss, and the... Read More →
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Affordable Care Act for Seniors

Dental coverage for seniors Thornhill Although dental care for seniors in Ontario may be a challenge as the coverage is very limited. The coverage of the Ontario Health Insurance plans allows the patient to have some procedures done by a dental surgeon in a hospital, and not by dentists in their own clinic. This doesn’t cover major routine procedures such as prophylaxis, dentures, endodontics, etc. Many seniors have opted to purchase their own supplementary insurances as this greatly helps at the cost of some procedures. What’s more is that these private dental insurances are accepted at... Read More →

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