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What are the Types of Dental Bridges in Thornhill?

There are several types of a dental bridge  Thornhill North York that can fit your needs.

Definition of dental bridges and what are the types

Dental bridges will restore a missing tooth with a prosthetic.

The main types of bridges are;

  • Traditional that is used when there is a good healthy tooth on either side of the spot of missing tooth
  • Cantilever bridges these are used when there are healthy teeth on only one side of the missing tooth (teeth)
  • Resin-bonded bridges these are generally used in the front of the mouth
  • Implant bridges are surgically placed when the teeth are unhealthy or missing completely

Your dentist will examine your mouth and may take x-rays in order to determine which type of bridge will best suit your needs.

Why bridges are used and cost

Bridges are used to restore one or more missing teeth in order to keep the rest of your teeth from shifting and causing large gaps in your teeth.

They also help you chew your food better, and of course, provide you a nice smile.

Cost of bridges

The price of a bridge will depend on what you actually need but they start around $650 and go up to $20 000 in severe cases.

Again the cost of the bridge will be determined by which type of bridge is going to provide the best solution for you.

Can bridges become dental emergencies?

Your dental bridge can become an urgent dental care Thornhill, if you have an accident, a fall, or play contact sports without a mouth guard.

Not only can your bridge break but it can cause trauma to your mouth, tongue, and lips as well.

To find out more about bridges see your dentist in Thornhill North York.


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