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Dental Bonding

dental bonding

dental bonding

Dental bonding can be considered to restore decayed teeth, chipped or crack teeth, to improve appearance of teeth that have been discolored, to change the shape of the teeth and as an alternative to the amalgam fillings. In this procedure resin is used to bond with the teeth. Usually the patient is not administered anesthesia for this procedure, and your dentist will choose the color of the resin that will match the color of your teeth. This procedure takes about half an hour to one hour per tooth depending upon the complexity involved.

This is the cheapest and easiest procedure to improve your smile. Since this is almost always a cosmetic procedure, there is often little or no pain involved. The material used for bonding is a resinous material which can be coloured according to the colour of the teeth of the patient such that it blends as inconspicuously as possible. A putty knife object is used to smear the bonding material on to the teeth to fill gaps or rough surfaces. An ultraviolet light is then beamed on the material which causes it to harden and set in place. This can then be polished and smoothened such that it blends with the teeth. Bonding is thus a cheap and quick alternative to veneers or crowns.

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