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Extractions/Wisdom Teeth Removal

wisdom tooth removal

wisdom tooth removal

There can be many reasons for pulling out your tooth or tooth extraction. The most common reason is that your tooth is badly damaged from injury or decay. However, other reasons include:

A crowded set of teeth: In order to align your teeth for orthodontia, your dentist may extract one or more tooth. Similarly if the tooth doesn’t erupt from gum because there isn’t much room, your dentist may recommend extraction. This is mostly due to hereditary factors as the jaw may not be sizeable enough to accommodate a perfect set of 32 teeth for everyone.

Infection: Tooth decay occurs due to infection, which may extend to the pulp. Infection also has a tendency to spread to the immediate neighbouring teeth. As such, if detected early, dentists prefer to erode the infected part of the cavity laden tooth with the help of a fast rotating dental drill. However, if the infection remains ignored and untreated, it might spread to the whole tooth and damage it beyond repair. In such cases extraction is the best solution.

Wisdom tooth: Wisdom teeth are often very painful and start growing inside your mouth cavity without any barrier. Wisdom teeth are actually vestigial; that is, they had a role to play in our evolutionary ancestors but are not needed anymore. Extraction of wisdom tooth is recommended if they cause excessive pain.

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