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Thumb Sucking/Snoring Appliances

Thumb sucking is common in babies and small kids. But, if this habit remains in them after the age of 3, it can result in disrupting the normal formation of the dental arches. Since, the jaws of kids are soft; they easily get misshaped and it can eventually result in open bite in the child.

In order to break this habit, anti-thumb sucking appliances are used. This device is fitted in the child’s jaws and it helps in disrupting the habit of putting thumb in the mouth.

Similarly, there are anti-snoring appliances that when fitted in the jaws bring the lower jaw forward, thereby making room for air to pass uninterrupted.
This helps in getting rid of the snoring problem. Thumb sucking is born primarily out of habit while snoring is mostly due to blockage in the nasal passage.

Both have long term effects on one’s dental structure if left ignored or untreated.

Over a long period of time, thumb sucking can cause visibly prominent teeth like the incisors to get displaced from their original position, while snoring can cause serious problems like heart and brain problems.
Both anti thumb sucking and snoring appliances therefore work by means of a clamp to set the position of teeth or jaws in such a way so as to regulate air flow and prevent any lasting damage.

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