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When Should I Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed in Thornhill?

Some dentist will recommend you get your wisdom teeth removed early, others will say wait until there is an issue with them. If your wisdom teeth are proving painful what can you do for wisdom tooth pain relief Thornhill? Pain relief for wisdom teeth Here are a few simple ways to treat pain from wisdom teeth until you can see your dentist. Dissolve a teaspoon of salt in warm water and then rinse for 30 to 60 seconds by swishing it around the mouth before spitting it out in the sink. Use an over the counter pain reliever Use Orajel or other over the counter numbing agent Place a whole... Read More →

What are the Types of Dental Bridges in Thornhill?

There are several types of a dental bridge  Thornhill North York that can fit your needs. Definition of dental bridges and what are the types Dental bridges will restore a missing tooth with a prosthetic. The main types of bridges are; Traditional that is used when there is a good healthy tooth on either side of the spot of missing tooth Cantilever bridges these are used when there are healthy teeth on only one side of the missing tooth (teeth) Resin-bonded bridges these are generally used in the front of the mouth Implant bridges are surgically placed when the teeth are unhealthy or... Read More →

How Much Does Veneers Cost in Thornhill?

The cost of dental veneers Thornhill will depend on a couple different factors. Now, if you are wondering if veneers are worth the price; ask anyone who has had veneers give them a beautiful smile again. The self-confidence gained from that smile is something they feel is well worth the price. Types of veneers There are a couple types of veneers that you can choose to use. Porcelain which looks more like your natural tooth and last 10 to 30 years Composite resin which stains easier than porcelain and only last about 4 – 8 years which is part of the reason it is cheaper than ... Read More →

Dental Emergency in Thornhill

  Do you know where to go or what to do for a dental emergency in Thornhill? What is a dental emergency There are several things that qualify as a dental emergency Thornhill. A female dentist in Thornhill explains the following as dental emergencies; Oral trauma from contact sports or an accident is one. One of your teeth, a crown, or filling has fallen out or been knocked out. Severe dental pain or dental pain accompanied by facial pain and fever which could indicate an abscess. A chipped tooth that is bleeding or causing pain; if the tooth is just chipped without pain then you can... Read More →
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