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Thumb Sucking and Snoring Appliances

Today, we are going to look at two specific dental issues; thumb sucking and snoring appliances. Thumb sucking Thumb or finger sucking can cause some major problems when it comes to the teeth and even the growth of the mouth and alignment of teeth. It is also, harder to break than a pacifier. Pacifiers can also cause issues with teeth. Either thumb sucking or pacifiers can cause issues with the permanent or adult teeth. The strength of the thumb sucking is the main factor in damage to the teeth. If a child passively rests the thumb or finger in the mouth they are much less likely to have... Read More →

Mouthguards to Protect Teeth

Mouthguards are for more than just sports. What Are Mouthguards? Mouthguards are protective devices that go over the gum and teeth to help protect the mouth from injury during sports. They also help protect the teeth, arches, lips, and gums when you sleep if you are a teeth grinder or suffer from TMJ. Who Uses Mouthguards? People who play sports or have certain dental conditions such as TMJ or they grind their teeth in their sleep. Is there a Difference Between Sports and Night Mouthguards? There is a difference between sports mouthguards and those used as night mouthguards for dental... Read More →
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Dental Veneers Cost and Information

Dental veneers cost and information can be somewhat confusing depending on where you live. We are going to give you the basics information on veneers and the costs. What Are Veneers Veneers help protect the tooth or teeth that have been damaged by decay or injured so that you can keep your real tooth. The simple fit over your tooth or bonded over your natural tooth to prevent further decay and injury to that tooth or teeth. What Are Veneers Made Of Veneers are made either of a composite resin that is colored like your tooth or porcelain. Which one of these materials you choose will help... Read More →
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The Cost of Teeth Veneers

Teeth veneers cost in Thornhill, like most places, are based on several factors. If you are considering teeth veneers here are some factors you will need to look at. Materials Veneers Are Made Of Veneers can be made of composite resin or porcelain. While the resin veneers offer a price break over the porcelain; the porcelain has a more natural tooth-like appearance. In fact, with porcelain, it is hard to distinguish if the tooth is real or a veneer. Porcelain also does not stain as easily as resin, especially for people who drink a lot of coffee, red wine or eat foods that can stain... Read More →
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