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Thornhill Dentist - World Dental - Gum Disease

Treatment for Receding Gums in Thornhill

You might notice your teeth have become longer with gums pulling back from their normal position.  It indicates that you have gum recession. The gums recession occurs due to multiple causes. The most significant cause of gum recession is the gum disease which is also termed as... Read More →
Thornhill Dentist - World Dental - Dental Treatments

What Dental Treatments Are Available in Thornhill, Ontario?

If you are seeking dental treatments Thornhill, you are in luck. Dentists in Thornhill carry out all the most common procedures, along with many other cosmetic, preventive, and orthodontic treatments. Fillings When your dentist diagnoses a cavity in time, you can receive a... Read More →
Thornhill Dentist - World Dental - Baby Brushing Teeth

Importance of Dental and Oral Health for Babies

Dental and Oral Health for Babies A baby’s oral health will lay the foundation for strong and healthy permanent teeth. An irregular brushing routine and improper diet is known to cause tooth decay or tooth loss in early childhood, and may even have an adverse effect on permanent... Read More →
Thornhill Dentist - World Dental - Handling A Dental Emergency

Handling A Dental Emergency: Visit A Walk-In Dentist

Walk-in Dentist Most clinics and medical practitioners expect you to take an appointment before showing up for treatment. However, life does not give us warning signs before a crisis situation hits! Thankfully, there are people and institutions that help in such situations. If... Read More →
Thornhill Dentist - World Dental - anatomy of gum diseases

Prevention of Gum Diseases by Regular Dental Check Up

Gum Diseases Gums have the function of supporting and protecting our teeth, and unhealthy gums may result in the loss of our teeth. Despite this, millions of people worldwide suffer from some form or other of gum disease due to ignorance and negligence. Many people believe if... Read More →

The Consequences of Poor Oral Health

Poor Oral Health Taking good care of your oral hygiene is a very significant thing to do in order to be able to maintain excellent health overall. Unbeknownst to many, oral health is a determining factor in your physical health. Having poor oral health can lead to other severe... Read More →
Thornhill Dentist - World Dental health for seniors

Importance of Oral Health in Older People

The Dental Difficulties of Getting Old The age of a person has a huge impact on the nature of their health issues. As you get older, a lot of typical health problems surface. This necessitates proper attention to one’s overall health, including oral health. Even with regular... Read More →
Thornhill Dentist - World Dental - teenage oral health

How Often Should You Take Your Teenager for Oral Health Checkup

Take Your Teenager for Oral Health Checkup A regular oral health checkup is a must for people of all age groups: toddlers, teens, adults and seniors. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends dental checkups every six months or as often as your dentist suggests. However,... Read More →
Thornhill Dentist - World Dental - Teeth Whitening

Why is Teeth Cleaning Important?

To keep a smile beautiful and attractive, it is important to keep your teeth clean and shiny. While most people keep to regular brushing and flossing to ensure the health of their teeth, they may still fall prey to the ever-present bacteria in the mouth. Bacteria can take the... Read More →
Thornhill Dentist - World Dental - prevent gum disease

Gum Disease – How to Prevent it?

Gum disease is known to be a silent threat because it can cause serious medical conditions such as heart disease, stroke and blocked arteries. To keep gum disease at bay, you must make good oral hygiene habits a part of your daily life. What are the causes? When bacteria on the... Read More →

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