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Is there a gap between two of your teeth? Due to missing teeth, over a period of time, the nearby teeth move into the empty space. This leads to “bad bite” and this may lead to gum disease. In order to supplement a gap, bridges are used. They are fixed to the gums by the dentist and cannot be removed like dentures for cleaning. The teeth on either side of the gap or missing tooth are taken as anchors and they are called abutments. The abutments are reduced in size and are covered with a common crown including a false tooth in between to replace the gap. This false or replacement tooth is also known as pontic. The entire created crown is bonded to your natural teeth. This process helps in capping the abutments.

The replacing tooth is made up of different materials like gold, alloy, porcelain or porcelain and metal combined material. Similarly the bridge is made up of these materials and can be matched in colour and looks with the natural teeth. Bridges last for a lifetime. Once you get the treatment, don’t chew hard food or ice so that the newly placed bridges don’t fall out. By placing a bridge one can smile confidently, chew and speak well, retain the shape of the face and prevent other teeth from drifting.

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