Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is characterized by abnormal clenching and grinding of the teeth. There are two main types of it: sleep bruxism, where the person grinds his teeth while asleep and awake bruxism, where the person does it during the day while awake. Its symptoms are generally mild, that’s why most people are unaware of it. It may be due to bruxism if you have a sore jaw and a nagging headache without any apparent reason. If not treated, chronic bruxism can cause a fracture, loosening or loss of tooth; it can also affect your jaws and hearing ability. The underlying cause of bruxism during sleep may be due to missing teeth, crooked teeth or an abnormal bite.

The dentist will fit a mouth guard to take care of this problem. During waking hours, if one is seen grinding his teeth, it indicates stress, which should be handled by physical therapy, counselling and muscle relaxants. Specific steps need to be taken, such as avoiding caffeine, alcohol, chewing gum or non-food items like pen/pencil, among others. In severe cases of damage to the teeth and jaw, our dentist needs to reconstruct the entire teeth. Children are also affected by bruxism due to teething or malalignment of teeth or pain/anger. They are mostly temporary reasons, and they can come out of the situation after some time.

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