Do you excessively clench and grind your teeth? The chances are that you are suffering from bruxism. Chronic clenching of teeth might accelerate the wearing out of your teeth and may even result in tooth loss. Night grinding can lead to gum recession, fractures in the teeth, decay and other dental problems that may require expensive dental treatments. To get relieved from such harmful effects, dentists recommend wearing night guards.

Nightguards are a type of mouthguard that covers the upper and lower teeth, creating a cushion between them. They are generally made of plastic or acrylic. It is recommended to get nightguards custom-fitted by your dentist so that they fit in your mouth correctly and provide maximum protection.

Teeth grinding at night is a sleep disorder, and most of the time, people are not aware of it. A sleeping partner can inform you, and the dentist will diagnose and guide you to use night guards based on your oral health. A nightguard should be comfortable and act as a cushion. Generally, the dentist takes the impression of the teeth and gets it custom made. The nightguard material is soft and can be worn in one jaw, which does not allow the teeth to be damaged further. In most cases, stress is the main reason behind bruxism. Thus, our dentist may recommend stress management therapy or counselling.

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