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Broken Tooth

Falling or biting down on something hard can lead to a chipped, fractured, cracked, or broken tooth. If it happens to you, see your dentist immediately so they can save your tooth. At World Dental, we restore the aesthetics of your teeth and help you manage the pain. 

Three ways to repair a broken tooth

Dental bonding

Tooth bonding is one of the methods that our dentists use to repair a broken tooth. We apply a tooth-coloured composite material, sculpt it into shape, harden, and polish it for an excellent finish. Our dentists complete the dental bonding procedure in one visit, and you don’t have to leave our office with a broken smile. 

Root canal treatment

Sometimes, a broken tooth treatment requires root canal therapy because an infection has reached the pulp. The tooth pulp houses the nerves and blood vessels. When the disease is present, your tooth becomes sensitive to hot, cold, and even sweet foods or drinks. Our dentists need to remove, clean, disinfect, and seal the root canals before they are placed back on the tooth. Also, the tooth opening is filled with temporary dental fillings while we fabricate the permanent crown. On your next dental visit, we place the final dental crown to encase the treated tooth and prevent infection. 

Tooth filling

Our dentists clean the affected area and apply dental fillings when only a small part of the tooth breaks. Sometimes, you only need tooth fillings to restore your smile completely. 

When you encounter a dental mishap, call our dental office immediately at (647) 496 6165. World Dental is ready to provide you with urgent care. 

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