Have you checked your teeth in the mirror lately? Do you see holes or dark spots on your teeth’s surfaces? Those are cavities or dental caries that damage and weaken your teeth. When starch and sugar in the food that we eat come in contact with bacteria in our mouth, they form plaque. Without brushing and flossing daily, plaque causes tooth decay. Poor dental care often leads to these oral health problems, such as cavity formation. See your Thornhill dentist immediately, have your cavities removed, and restore the health of your teeth

Our dentists apply fluoride on your teeth after cleaning them and clearing out the dark spots, too. Fluoride helps in making the enamel resistant to cavities. If the cavity is too large, our dentist fills it and restores your tooth. In case the cavity has extended to the center of your tooth and has infected your nerve, our office performs a root canal treatment using our modern equipment. In this treatment, our root canal specialist takes out the infected nerve and blood vessels to clean and disinfect them. Then, she fills the central hollow portion of the tooth with a gutta-percha material. Finally, she places a crown over the treated tooth using either ceramic or porcelain materials. 

On one hand, if the damage is already irreparable, then we will have to remove your tooth for good. So don’t wait for it to get worse until you have to lose your tooth. Book an appointment today and visit us at World Dental in 7163 Yonge St. Suite 115 Thornhill, Ontario. 


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