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Tooth Desensitization

Sensitive teeth can be extremely painful and irritating. Our teeth consist of 4 layers, namely the enamel, dentin, pulp and cementum. Tooth Sensitivity occurs when the enamel wears off, and the food we eat comes in contact with the dentin. In order to desensitize the tooth, various desensitizing toothpaste is available in the market that helps in reducing the sensitivity of the teeth. These kinds of toothpaste contain fluoride, which is instrumental in strengthening the dental enamel and protecting the teeth against cavities. In severe cases, your dentist might administer desensitizing agents on the tooth like potassium salts, fluoride agents, to reduce sensitivity.

The various reasons why the teeth become sensitive are wearing away, decaying of teeth, and exposing the roots of the teeth. Cold food and drinks, carbonated drinks, beverages, wine, citrus fruits and breathing in cold air through the mouth cause discomfort and pain. Stomach acid reaching the teeth during the night has been a reason among many people as to why the enamel wears off. Hypersensitive teeth are manageable, but most of the time, people do not report the condition to the dentist. An air blast test can reveal the condition immediately, and using mouthwashes containing potassium salts and fluorides help.

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