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Gum Disease

Also known as periodontal disease, gum disease is inflammation of the gum. A mild form is called gingivitis, which occurs because several films of bacteria accumulate on the teeth. If you feel that instead of pink, your gums are red, inflamed, swollen when you are brushing, then most likely you have gingivitis. The leading cause of gingivitis is inadequate oral hygiene. Typically, patients with periodontitis experience intense pain, gingivitis, bleeding of gums, swelling and bad breath. Acute cases may show pus oozing out of gums, loosening of teeth and abscesses.

You need to show this to your dentist for proper medication before gingivitis spreads for the worse. Gingivitis, in itself, is a mild disease, and symptoms may not even be apparent for a long time. It is caused mainly due to everyday neglect to brushing, which fails to remove a sticky layer over teeth that forms every day called ‘plaque.’ The plaque becomes hard and irremovable over time, turning into ‘tartar,’ which is responsible for cutting into gums and causing them to bleed. Untreated or neglected symptoms can lead to more significant problems at later stages in life, such as loose teeth, permanently swollen or bleeding gums, eroded gums and bad breath. The simplest way to avoid it is through daily and rigorous brushing, flossing and periodic visits to the dentist.

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