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Root Canal Therapy

The center of the teeth has a nerve chamber which contains the tissues known as the tooth pulp. This pulp can get damaged due to a crack on the tooth, deep cavities in the tooth or due to some injury. The infected and diseased pulp can be a cause of intense pain, and root canal therapy would be needed to save the teeth and ease the pain. In this therapy, the dead or diseased pulp is removed, and the pulp cavity is cleaned, shaped and prepared for a filling. After the filling is done, the tooth is sealed off with a crown.

Root canal therapy is instrumental in saving severely damaged teeth that would have been otherwise lost. This therapy is also known as endodontic therapy. People are scared to get root canal therapy done due to fear of pain, but with sedation dentistry, the procedure is painless. Our World Dental dentists near you, administer local anesthesia to numb the area. By the process of root canal therapy, the tooth is dead from inside, and it becomes brittle. Capping the tooth is very important after root canal therapy. Generally, a few visits to the dentist are required, but now it can be done in only one or two visits. There is no other way to save a severely infected tooth other than extracting the infected tooth.

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