Teeth Cleaning/Scaling

We trust that you maintain great oral care at home. You brush, floss daily, and gargle with an oral antiseptic to ensure your teeth are squeaky clean. Yet, you still need to undergo professional teeth cleaning because bacteria continue to hide in hard-to-reach areas in your mouth. We at World Dental recommend that you do this at least twice in one year.

Our office offers dental cleaning procedures as part of our services during your routine visit. Before we clean your teeth, we take an X-ray image of your mouth first to check the concerned areas that need more of our attention. The X-ray image helps us assess where you’re at in your oral health. Then, our dentist cleans your teeth thoroughly using our special tools and applies fluoride solution to shield your teeth against cavities. Last, we provide tips on how to maintain the cleanliness of your mouth and schedule your next visit.

Having healthy teeth gives you the confidence to smile. Invest in your smile. Schedule a regular dental cleaning at World Dental. Call us today to book an appointment. 


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