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dental emergency

dental emergency

Dental emergency contributes to several situations. Dental caries is the most common dental emergency as if left untreated it may result in destruction of enamel and dentine. It causes a lot of pain to eat and chew. Other emergencies include damage due to injuries like teeth being knocked out, forced out of position or they are loosened from their position or fractured. Such injuries are usually accompanied with lips, gums, and cheeks cuts. Since these types of oral injuries are very painful, they should be treated by a dentist as soon as possible.

In a dental emergency, you should immediately seek a dentist’s appointment. Try to rinse mouth with warm water and ice pack to reduce swelling before reaching the dentist’s clinic. Dental emergency can also be important from the cosmetic angle. The bridge or crown of a tooth may fall off. Though dental emergencies are not life threatening, but they need to be attended as early as possible. Over the counter pain relieving medicines can be taken. If an object needs to be removed from between two teeth a dental floss can be used. Clove oil is readily available in the local grocery store or medical store which can be taken in a piece of cotton and applied to the aching tooth. If a tooth is broken, try to retain the piece and visit the dentist at the earliest.

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