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dental fillings can be used to restore it. The most common filling is the dental amalgam or a metal alloy. It is strong and cheap and can be used for molars. This amalgam contains very low levels of mercury that is permissible and not harmful for human health. However, this amalgam should be avoided for pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding, children and with kidney diseases.

Tooth colored filling have become very popular these days. These fillings are used for front teeth for cosmetic purposes. But they are not the first choice for back teeth. These fillings are made of a resinous material or complex chemical compounds such as monomers. They blend in seamlessly into the tooth structure, filling out gaps or irregularities in the teeth, and are hence highly preferred from the aesthetic point of view. However, they are not very strong or immune to daily wear and tear from activities such as chewing. They tend to come off and do not hold on as strongly as an amalgam filling. Another alternative is porcelain/ceramic. However, they are prohibitively expensive, which is why they are preferred as fillings for front teeth or teeth that are immediately visible and not for molars at the back.

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