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Sports Guards


Dental injuries in people taking active part in contact sports and other recreational sports activity, is common. In order to reduce the risk of such injuries it is always advisable for the players to wear sports guards. Sports guards are also a type of mouthguard or mouth protector that when worn defends the face from getting injured from blows on face and head. For people who participate in sports like football, hockey, basketball, baseball, boxing, etc., it is a must. Typically sports guards are worn on the upper teeth and helps by preventing any damage to the mouth to a considerable degree.

Not only sports persons need to wear sports guard, but people doing gymnastics, mountain biking, skate boarding, etc. are also at risk of injuring their teeth and hence they too should wear sports guards. People using braces are particularly advised to use sports guard in both the jaws, but others use it only in the upper jaw. When a person has crown or bridge or retainer he should use sports guard in both the jaws. The fitting and comfort level of the sports guard is very important because concentration should be on the game and not on the teeth. Speech and breathing should not be affected. From time to time the dentist should be visited to get the sports guard checked. Regular cleaning of the sports guard with toothpaste and brush is a must.

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