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Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening

teeth whitening

When your teeth get stained, they become yellow or brown. The best way to remove this stain is to get teeth whitening done. This procedure helps in restoring teeth by imparting them shiny white color. There are two methods of teeth whitening. The first method involves visit to your dentist’s office where he or she will apply high concentration peroxide gel on your teeth for about an hour. This method produces significant change to your teeth in very small amount of time – about an hour.

In the second method, you can buy teeth-whitening kits from your doctor and apply it at home. The gel that is used in these kits is low in concentration, and so you need to apply it for longer periods of time. All kinds of whitening procedures do not suit every discolouration. For example yellowish tinge or brownish tinge or grayish tinge all are effective with different procedures and the dentist will be able to guide well. Another point to be noted is that the crowns or cappings are not affected in the same way as natural teeth. This needs to be kept in mind if they are in the front teeth. Not everyone is eligible to get the teeth whitened by a dentist as the oral health needs to be analysed by the dentist first.