5 Most Common Tooth Extraction Myths Finally Debunked

by | Jan 29, 2019 | blog

Let’s face it, the mere thought of tooth extraction is unpleasant. Some feel squeamish and uncomfortable just thinking about it. A lot of patients still hold a few misconceptions about the procedure even though it’s considered a general dental treatment.

Wisdom teeth are the upper and third molars located at the back of your mouth. It’s commonly known as wisdom teeth because these usually grow when a person is at the age of 17 to 21 years old. Like any other dental extraction, dealing with wisdom tooth extraction tends to make patients feel nervous about undergoing such a procedure. To help you feel more comfortable about it, we’ll go to the bottom of these myths and uncover the truth behind each of them.

Why do patients need to undergo wisdom tooth extraction?

There are several reasons why a patient’s wisdom tooth needs to be extracted. He may either have gum disease or cavities, damaged tooth, or their teeth are growing at the wrong angle. Another reason is that the patient’s jaw no longer has enough space for the wisdom tooth to grow properly.

Common misconceptions about wisdom tooth extraction

It’s painful

One of the biggest misconceptions about tooth extraction is the pain felt during the procedure. However, this fear is now far from the truth. Dentists now use new tooth extraction procedures and anesthetics to minimize tooth extraction pain. The dentist may either surgically extract the teeth or loosen it by using elevator instruments. Dentists use these tools to loosen the tooth upon extraction.

It’s a must to take it out

Patients don’t need to undergo wisdom tooth extraction if it doesn’t affect their oral health. Moreover, if the wisdom tooth is well aligned with their other teeth, extracting it is not necessary. Extraction is needed only if there’s no space for the tooth to move into its proper place. Another reason for extraction would be a tooth infection. Patients who undergo cancer treatment tend to have a weak immune system which also results in an infected tooth. There are also instances when a patient’s baby teeth don’t fall out naturally to let the permanent teeth grow.

I’m past one’s prime

The truth is, you may undergo a tooth extraction even if you’re beyond your prime years. Most oral surgeons agree that having a patient’s wisdom teeth extracted is best before it’s fully developed. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to take it out once it has passed its developmental stages. Consider to have your tooth extracted if it’s infected, damaged, or grows in the wrong angle, regardless of your age.

It’ll take time to fully recover

Another misconception about the wisdom tooth extraction is the time needed to recover completely. Most patients fully recover from the surgery after three to four days although tooth extraction healing takes a few months to complete. On one hand, if your teeth came out at a wrong angle, your recovery may take an entire week.

Most patients may resume to their normal daily activities the day after the surgery. Nevertheless, they should avoid any strenuous activities that might dislodge the stitches or cause the blood to clot over the wound.

Tooth extraction is the only option

There are ways to save your tooth so you shouldn’t give up on it right away. It’s highly recommended to get a root canal treatment or a crown to manage your infected or damaged tooth. It’s always better to choose to preserve as much of your remaining natural tooth as possible. Your dentist will only extract your tooth if he sees that it’s the best option to save your other teeth.  

Choosing to undergo tooth extraction procedure may begin a shift on your teeth’s formation. Thus, resulting in much more expensive procedures such as dental implant, dental bridge, or partial denture to restore it.

These are just a few of the most common misconceptions surrounding teeth extractions. Always get in touch with your trusted Thornhill dentist for a consultation before you decide on it.

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