Is Back Tooth Filling in Thornhill Expensive?

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Dental fillings are used to restore teeth damaged by decay. With these, teeth are protected from getting bacteria that causes further tooth decay. The hard to reach areas in the mouth, like the back tooth, are common areas where dental fillings are applied on. Most dentists like Dr. Many know that the back tooth needs filling because it’s more prone to bacteria build-up. The cost of dental fillings depends on the kind of materials used for the fillings.

What are the different types of dental fillings?

  • Gold – Gold fillings are well tolerated by the gum tissues. It can last for more than 20 years. Most health professionals choose gold as the best material for dental fillings and a rather expensive choice too. Gold fillings may also require multiple visits to the dentist.
  • Amalgam or silver fillings – This is the most common filling used and is relatively inexpensive. However, due to its color, it’s more noticeable and is not often used in visible areas. Amalgams are commonly used as a back tooth filling in Thornhill.
  • Composite resin – This material often matches the natural color of the tooth. For large fillings, Dr. Many may not recommend composites as it may wear over time. It is also prone to stains and has a lifespan of three to ten years.
  • Porcelain fillings – These are most commonly called inlays and onlays. These are bonded to the tooth to cover most of it. These are made to match the color of your tooth and to resist stains. The cost of porcelain filing is similar to that of a gold.

The cost of back tooth filling in Thornhill depends on the type of material that the patient wants to use. Dr. Many will be glad to discuss various options and perform the dental filling treatment as needed by the patient.

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