Best Anti-Snoring Appliances Available in Thornhill

by | Apr 25, 2017 | Dental Health

Snoring can disrupt your sleep and cause your spouse or partner to lose sleep too. It is estimated that nearly half of all adults snore more than occasionally. Most of those who snore regularly also suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. This condition restricts the normal breathing process which increases the risk of conditions like heart disease. There are several different types of devices available. You can ask your dentist to recommend the best anti-snoring appliances for you.

Tongue Stabilizing Appliances

This type of anti-snoring device looks like a pacifier. The tongue is inserted into an opening and rests. This helps hold the tongue in a position so it won’t fall back and block the airways while you are sleeping. These anti-thumb sucking and snoring appliances are better for some people who don’t do well with cumbersome treatments like a CPAP machine.

Mandibular Advancement Appliances

The mandibular advancement appliance is one of the most popular anti-snoring appliances. The MAD fits over both dental arches and gently eases the lower jaw slightly forward so the airway remains open while sleeping.

Choosing an Anti-Snoring Appliance

Any affordable dental service in Thornhill will be able to recommend anti-thumb sucking and snoring appliances.  There are several anti-snoring devices available but it’s important to find the one that works for you. There are three things to consider when purchasing a device.

  • Comfort – It’s important or the anti-snoring device to be comfortable to wear. It should be sized appropriately. For instance, if it’s too small it may fall out of the mouth while you are sleeping, or if it’s too large it can be bulky and distract you while you are trying to sleep.
  • Durable – An anti-snoring device should be flexible and durable. It should be sanitary and efficient.

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