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8 Ways On How Ceramic Dental Braces Are Bringing Sexy Back

by | Mar 9, 2019 | blog

Have you ever imagined Ugly Betty starting the series without her braces? Chances are things would have been different if it weren’t for those unsightly protruding metal wires. Although the show managed to tell the world that beauty lies from within, most still hold a stigma on braces. However, recent advances in dentistry are now changing the way dentists perform teeth alignment. Thanks to ceramic dental braces, adult patients are now able to have a sexier smile permanently without those unsightly metal.

The history of ceramic dental braces

Dentists first introduced the concept using a 3D computer technology in 1997 when they fabricated the first set of clear plastic aligners. These experts issued a series of plastic aligners to their patients to help them with their crooked teeth. The patients had to change the retainer-like aligners at regular intervals to straighten their teeth to achieve the best results. Soon after, the final product only became available to the market in 2000 and has altered the adult orthodontic care ever since.

The benefits of wearing ceramic dental braces

Subtle look

Though these invisible braces share the same design as traditional braces, their brackets are smaller and are barely visible. The brackets even blend better when patients use colored archwire to stabilize the braces. Most patients are giving positive ceramic braces review because of their subtlety. That’s why most consider these braces as a perfect alternative to those who are conscious of their smile.

Sturdiness mixed with style

Although it takes less space on a patient’s teeth and is smaller, it’s still sturdy and quite resilient compared to traditional braces. However, because of its apparent design, patients still need to manage it diligently to avoid any stains.

Easy on the pocket

Ceramic dental braces are perfect for patients who are a bit tight on their budget. Unlike lingual braces, this orthodontic treatment combines affordability and functionality without compromising on quality.

Promotes better oral health

Unlike traditional braces, these new aligners are completely removable. Hence, it’s easier for patients to clean their teeth especially after eating. After brushing their teeth, they may place it back in their mouth to continue the tooth alignment process.

Straightens teeth in less time

This orthodontic treatment aligns the teeth faster than Invisalign. Hence, more patients give excellent ceramic braces review after they have completed their treatment in less time. Their teeth are healthier in both form and function. The plaque and food particles have fewer chances of accumulating in between their teeth and gums. They can quickly brush them without a hitch. Needless to say, their properly aligned teeth are now easier to clean; they simply have to maintain proper oral care.

Reduces traumatic wear

The teeth are identical to the gears inside the machine. If the gears aren’t aligned correctly, they’ll soon wear at faster rates, which results in degradation of the engine. If the teeth don’t fit together correctly, they’ll quickly break and chip.

A unique form of fashion

Did you know that you’re now able to show your style even when you smile? Now, patients can choose the color of the bands that connect their brackets to their teeth for a unique look. It’ll undoubtedly make your smile look even more noticeable while giving it a more cohesive look.

Cradles your teeth

Ceramic dental braces are one of the most convenient choices to properly align your teeth. The smaller rounded brackets are less likely to irritate your gums and cause discomfort. That’s why most patients say that wearing them is a more bearable option compared to traditional braces.

These are just few of the reasons why more patients leave positive ceramic braces review online. There are other options available for all patients, depending on the severity of their misaligned teeth. Although confidence lies within you, having a beautiful warm smile will make you shine even more. Feel free to ask your Thornhill dentist to know more about the procedure and have your sexy smile back for good.

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