Are Cheap Veneers In Thornhill Worth Its Price?

by | Dec 26, 2018 | blog, Dental Health, general dentistry, Thornhill dental services

Nothing’s more stressing than keeping a low profile when you’re out socializing with friends. Release that anxiety and get rid of those teeth chips, cracks, gaps or discoloration. Cheap veneers in Thornhill can save your day!

Veneers are dental shells that are fabricated to look like a front of an ideal tooth. It covers poor teeth appearance in shape, size, and shade with these natural-looking teeth prosthetics.

How long does it take to do the work?

It’s unlikely that you would ask for a single veneer. Usually, the entire set of teeth needs to have its own veneer for uniformity. The Thornhill dentist takes a lot of work in evaluating the patient and preparing the dental laminates even on the first appointment.  

After four to six weeks, you will return for the second visit to have the veneers attached. The dentist takes his time in bonding and installing the veneers to provide satisfying results. Due to the dedication on the preparation and application of the veneers, dentists would set the price based on this.


Veneers generally cost CAD 400 for every tooth. Since multiple veneers are needed, a set may cost around CAD 3000 to CAD 10000. This makes cheap veneers in Thornhill in-demand from those of you who are eager to improve your teeth appearances.

How to find cheap veneers?

  1. Consider the least-expensive veneers. Veneers are made from various materials depending on the dental need of the patient and his affordability. The lower-cost veneers are made of composite resin. According to the Thornhill dentist, composite resin materials require only an insignificant enamel removal. This lets the patient preserve more of his natural teeth structure. 

Other types of veneers are made of porcelain which looks aesthetically better as it can imitate a natural tooth color. It’s also more resistant to stains coming from food and drinks.

        2. Check online shops. The internet is a great tool for finding good deals for dental products such as veneers. Dental laboratories now use the online world to level-up their marketing strategies. It’s a good way to afford cheap veneers in Thornhill as dental labs are direct sellers. Without the dentist’s markup, you can have veneers in its original factory price.

If you order from an online veneer manufacturer, they will send you a dental impression kit. You will use this to imprint your teeth structure and send it back to them. After some time as per their instruction, your custom-made veneers will be sent back to you.

        3. Try to negotiate. You might that ordering veneers from outside sources compromise its quality. Don’t take the risk and stick with your Thornhill dentist. You may ask for payment options that are flexible to your financial means. You’ll be surprised at how some of these professionals are quite considerate with their patient’s requests.

Are cheap veneers worth the price?

Do not confuse cheap with affordable. Most of the time, cheap products live by its name. Since it’s cheap, it could be made from substandard materials and can easily damage in a short while.

Opt for quality veneers and order it from its reputable sources like dental clinics and dental laboratories. There are payment plans that are available so you can still afford to achieve that precious smile.

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