Easy Guide On The Cost To Remove Wisdom Teeth Thornhill

by | Oct 30, 2021 | Dental Emergency, Dental Services, general dentistry, Thornhill dental services

Your wisdom teeth are the last molars to grow, and unfortunately, they can cause a variety of dental problems. When this happens, you may need to undergo oral surgery for wisdom teeth. If you are clueless about how much you will spend on the procedure, the cost to remove wisdom teeth in Thornhill varies depending on different factors. 

Here’s what to expect

It is not necessary to have all your last molars removed. However, when they crowd your teeth and cause you discomfort, your dentist will extract them. Generally, the more complex your case is, you will pay higher for your procedure.

Here are some key points you have to consider when it comes to the cost:

1. Type of anesthesia

The use of local anesthesia may sometimes be necessary. An impacted tooth requires general anesthesia, resulting in a groggy state for your dentist once they see it. Using this kind of anesthesia will affect the impacted tooth extraction cost. 

2. Patient’s case

Each patient’s case is different, and the individual needs also vary. Depending on how impacted a tooth is, the cost of dental treatment may vary. A dentist would devote more time to removing a tooth buried in the jawbone than simply extracting a tooth. Hence, the level of difficulty will make it a bit expensive. 

3. Clinics’ Location

The location of your dentist’s office and your residence can affect the price of the extraction. The fees for a procedure in a pricey area will be higher. You can ask for recommendations from your peers or colleagues to help you find one which offers affordable payment options but does not compromise quality.  


So to answer your question, “ how much does it cost to remove wisdom teeth?” the answer is it depends. Although the prices vary, it is essential to note that it is worth your money. It will provide you with relief from pain and uncomfortable symptoms. Book an appointment with your Thornhill dentist to alleviate all your dental worries!


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