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Mouthguard Preventive Care At Dental Clinic In Thornhill

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Mouthguards from the dental clinic in Thornhill protect your teeth and gums by covering them. Over-the-counter mouthguards do not fit and protect your teeth as well as custom-fitted mouthguards. Night guards can help with bruxism (teeth grinding). They should be worn by both children and adults during contact sports or hobbies such as motorcycling.


What is a mouthguard?  

Mouthguards are dental devices that protect your teeth from injury. A mouthguard protects your teeth, tongue, gums, and cheeks against trauma caused by grinding your teeth or sports injuries. A dental clinic in Thornhill may recommend it for the reasons below.  


Who benefits from a mouthguard?

Children and adults will both benefit from the safety a mouthguard provides. If you or your kid suffers from any of the following conditions, your doctor may advise you to use a mouthguard.

  • Teeth grinding (bruxism).
  • Participants in a contact sport such as basketball, football, lacrosse, hockey, or soccer, increase the danger of a facial hit. 
  • Participants in noncontact sports or activities with a significant danger of falling, such as ice skating, gymnastics, or biking.


What kinds of mouthguards are available?

Mouthguards are classified into two types: 

  • Those designed to protect teeth from harm caused by sports or other athletic activities, and 
  • Those designed for individuals suffering from bruxism, or teeth grinding. 

These dental appliances perform separate functions and have a distinct appearances and feel. Patients can also purchase mouthguards. A few examples of mouthguards are:

  • Custom-fitted.

A mouthguard specifically made for you by your dentist in Thornhill will be snugly fitted to your teeth and mouth using an imprint of your teeth. Although they are more expensive, custom-fitted mouthguards offer the finest protection and fit.

Your dental clinic in Thornhill dentist will create a mouthguard precisely for you. You may use it at night (if you grind your teeth) or protect your teeth from injury during athletic activity. The finest mouth and tooth protection is provided by a personalized mouth guard that has been fitted by your dentist. 

  • Boil-and-Bite.

You may customize these thermoplastic mouth guards Thornhill to fit your teeth at home. By soaking the mouthguard in warm water (not boiling), you can soften it. The mouthguard is then placed in your mouth and pressed against the front teeth and molars using your fingers. You bite down for around 20 seconds when the mouthguard feels like it is in the proper position. The gadget is then taken out and run through cold water. These processes can be repeated to mould the mouthguard for the ideal fit. 

  • Various flexible over-the-counter mouthguards. 

Night guards that may be adjusted often include sliding components that fit in between your teeth at night.

These universal mouthguards are ready to wear and are available in stock. They seldom fit comfortably since they aren’t customized for your teeth. Their bulk and poor fit may make breathing difficult. Of all mouthguard varieties, stock mouthguards provide the least amount of protection.


Where you can purchase a mouthguard?

Only a Thornhill dental procedures expert can provide you with a mouthguard that is specifically sized for you. You may enquire at a dental clinic in Thornhill. Boil-and-bite or stock mouthguards are available online, in drugstores, and in sports goods retailers. However, custom-made mouthguards can only be gotten from a dental services Thornhill professional.

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Are upper and lower mouthguards available?

The majority of sports mouthguards suit the upper teeth. These teeth are more exposed than the lower teeth, which increases the possibility of a collision. Your dental clinic in Thornhill dentist could also suggest a lower mouthguard if you wear braces in Thornhill.


What advantages come from using a mouthguard?

It may be expensive and unpleasant to repair or replace lost teeth. When participating in sporting activities, using a mouthguard can assist you to avoid:

  • Missing or broken teeth.
  • Harm to a tooth’s nerves.
  • Damage to the lips, gums, tongue, and inner cheeks’ soft tissues.
  • Dental emergency Thornhill.


How should a mouthguard be maintained?

Dental clinic in Thornhill agrees that mouthguards collect microorganisms from your mouth. Before inserting a mouthguard, make sure the teeth are thoroughly cleaned. Cleaning your mouthguard entails:

  • Avoid exposing the mouthguard to sources of intense heat, such as hot water or the sun. It could deform and take on a different shape when heated.
  • When not in use or when going to sporting events or activities, keep the mouthguard in a durable, ventilated plastic case.
  • After each usage, clean it with a brush and soapy water and rinse your mouthguard in cold water. Allow it to air dry.
  • Keeping the mouthguard out of reach of dogs and other animals.


How durable are mouthguards?

A well-maintained, custom-fitted mouthguard can last for several years, depending on how often you use it and how much “wear and strain” it endures. Some individuals, however, may discover that they require a mouthguard replacement more frequently. Bring the mouthguard with you to your dental appointments at the dental clinic in Thornhill. This way, your dentist may check it for cracks or other wear indicators. 

Mouthguards purchased over the counter aren’t as strong. They might need to be changed every few months. Mouthguards for kids and teenagers may need to be changed more frequently as their teeth and mouths develop.


Can a person with braces or dental implants use a mouthguard?

Mouthguards aid in preventing damage to teeth, braces, dental implants, and bridges. It can also help protect a patient having dental implant treatments Thornhill. The most effective mouthguards are those designed specifically for you. They are shaped specifically to suit braces or implants.

To prevent you from grinding your teeth while you sleep, your dentist may advise wearing a mouthguard at night. Mouthguards come in several kinds. The ideal one can be recommended to you by a dentist. Call World Dental Clinic to speak with a dentist. 


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