Affordable Care Act for Seniors

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Dental coverage for seniors Thornhill

Although dental care for seniors in Ontario may be a challenge as the coverage is very limited. The coverage of the Ontario Health Insurance plans allows the patient to have some procedures done by a dental surgeon in a hospital, and not by dentists in their own clinic. This doesn’t cover major routine procedures such as prophylaxis, dentures, endodontics, etc.

Many seniors have opted to purchase their own supplementary insurances as this greatly helps at the cost of some procedures. What’s more is that these private dental insurances are accepted at World Dental clinic. It is best that you speak with your dentist first before you purchase an insurance plan, as your dentist will thoroughly explain the treatments and procedures you need and whether the insurance plan covers it. There are quite a number of options of dental insurance plans and prices can range from $70 – $100 per month.

You shouldn’t let these factors stop you from getting good dental health. At your age, you are more prone to tooth loss, tooth decay and other diseases as you age. Most often, elderly adults suffer from a dry mouth due to possible medication such as medication for cardiovascular conditions and cancer drugs. If you can possibly ask your doctor for alternatives for these medications, then so much better.

By this time, you would possibly have dental fillings or have gone through different procedures earlier on, which may need a follow-up treatment for restoration or just a simple cleaning.

Another good reason to invest in good dental health is that good dental health allows you to have a lesser risk of oral cancer.

Although eliminating alcohol and tobacco from your lifestyle is a good guarantee to make possibly oral-cancer free, it would still be best to find out by visiting your dentist.

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