Dental Emergency in Thornhill

by | Mar 30, 2018 | Dental Emergency, Dental Health

Do you know where to go or what to do for a dental emergency in Thornhill?

What is a dental emergency

There are several things that qualify as a dental emergency Thornhill.

A female dentist in Thornhill explains the following as dental emergencies;

  • Oral trauma from contact sports or an accident is one.
  • One of your teeth, a crown, or filling has fallen out or been knocked out.
  • Severe dental pain or dental pain accompanied by facial pain and fever which could indicate an abscess.
  • A chipped tooth that is bleeding or causing pain; if the tooth is just chipped without pain then you can probably wait a day or two to get to the dentist.

How to treat dental emergencies until you get to the dentist

When it comes taking care of your injury, lose or chipped tooth, there are certain things you can do to help until you can get to your dentist

If you have a chipped tooth that has sharp edges; use a little paraffin wax to place over the sharp edge so that it does not cut your lip or tongue.

A tooth that is bleeding, rinse your mouth with warm water, use a cool wet gauze to gently put pressure on the tooth until the bleeding stops.

For a tooth that has been knocked or fallen out, pick the tooth up from the top, not the roots. Rinse the tooth under water and then put it back in the socket it fell out of; however, if you cannot return it to the socket it,  place it in a jar with a lid and add some cool milk or water to keep it moist.

Your Thornhill dentist in World Dental can help you with all your dental emergencies.

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