5 Signs That Mean You Need to See Your Dentist

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Dental Emergency, Dental Health, Dental Services, Thornhill dental services

Whether one has skipped out on their typical dental cleanings twice a year or one has kept routine of going to the dentist’s office but have faced problems in between visits, there are cases where special dental treatment may be required.

Here are the 5 signs that would ultimately mean seeing one’s dentist in thornhill north York:

1. A mouth sore that refuses to heal.

If one happens to notice a mouth sore or red/white patches on the tongue or gums that refuse to disappear, then it’s important to see a dentist. While these may be a sign of oral cancer, the chances of recovery are high when caught early.

2. A constantly aching tooth.

Frequent toothache may be a sign of a cavity. If one ignores it, then the cavity could end up getting bigger, leading to the death of the root of the tooth. Pain will never go away unless properly treated.

3. Gums appear swollen.

At times, one may experience some soreness and bleeding after brushing and flossing. But the issue gets serious when gums are frequently swollen and bleeding. Dental treatment and the right oral care can help reverse this.

4. Pain in the jaw.

Waking up with significant pain in the jaw is a scenario that affects many people. The typical root cause is the grinding of teeth while one is sleeping. The dentist can find the root of the problem and carry out a proper treatment plan.

5. White spots all over the teeth.

The formation of white spots may be initial signs of dental decay. They can also be triggered by dry mouth, consumption of highly acidic foods/drink, and acid reflux. The dentist can repair this by means of whitening, polishing, veneers, or bonding.

If one is suffering any of these conditions, it’s imperative to make an appointment with a World Dental Clinic.

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