3 Truths About Ceramic Braces You Wish You Knew

by | Feb 16, 2019 | blog

Traditionally, your orthodontist uses metal braces with brackets and archwires to adjust the placement of your teeth. Now, more orthodontists have incorporated the use of ceramic braces into their practice. This revolutionized treatment aims to adjust your teeth misalignment, crookedness, and crowding. Although these issues are common, children and adults are still reluctant in getting braces mainly due to its appearance.

Many patients are getting curious about this new type of orthodontic braces. They’re wondering what benefits they could enjoy with it compared to the traditional ones.

Orthodontic process

Just like metal braces, clear ceramic braces are slowly gaining popularity as a treatment to malocclusion cases. Traditional braces use metal brackets to affect the movement of your teeth. On the other hand, ceramic is the main component of clear braces. The new brackets used are either a blending tooth-colored or translucent which makes them almost invisible to the naked eye.

The treatment aims to straighten your teeth through the archwires and brackets placed on each tooth. The brackets are responsible for pushing your teeth inwards or outwards to their proper places.

A regular adjustment procedure is also needed to ensure that progress is achieved. This involves a scheduled visit with your dentist, usually every month or depending on your dentist’s instructions. The treatment duration of the ceramic braces will depend on how severe the misalignment is.

So, what are the advantages of the ceramic braces over the conventional ones? The following are the main perks of getting clear dental braces.

The truth about ceramic braces


The ceramic braces in Thornhill Ontario are made of sturdy and strong metal brackets and wires that withstand the pressure and movement. Although clear ceramic braces are as durable as traditional metal braces, they’re still prone to breakage. This is why an initial consultation is important to evaluate if your teeth are really suitable for this orthodontic appliance. In case you have severe overcrowding issues, your dentist might recommend the metal brackets to ensure effectivity.


The main advantage of ceramic braces is its brackets. They could be clear or tooth-colored to blend in with your natural teeth. Meanwhile, the visibility of the metal tracks is the common reason why patients avoid traditional teeth aligners. It’s easy for the patient to be a subject of bullying if your teenager wears this appliance in his mouth. Worse, it could be a reason for depression and anxiety.

As mentioned, the dental archwires used for clear brackets are also tooth-colored which makes them virtually invisible. However, these wires are prone to staining which is why you need to be extra careful about what you eat. Food like berries and drinks such as coffee and other strongly pigmented beverages might stain the clear braces. It is strongly advised to avoid them if you have clear ceramic braces.


Although ceramic brackets are prone to cracks, they function efficiently. This orthodontic treatment is highly recommended for patients with minor misalignment issues and teeth overcrowding.

There may be cases that you will start with conventional braces especially if the required treatment is extensive. If you’re determined to switch to clear braces, talk with your dentist about it. He may replace the metal brackets to ceramic once the treatment progresses within the first few months of the traditional treatment.

Having transparent braces could greatly improve your smile and rejuvenate your self-confidence. With the help of modern technology, you no longer have to worry about the drawback of traditional procedures. To know about the cost of the treatment based on your dental misalignment, you can always call or book an appointment with your local dentist.

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