Busting The 5 Greatest Myths About Sedation Dentistry

by | Mar 23, 2019 | blog

Not everyone feels comfortable when going to the dentist. For some, their dental trip is unpleasant and even triggers their anxiety level to shoot up. However, patients are now able to go through any dental treatment comfortably through sedation dentistry. However, a few are still uncomfortable with the idea of sedation. Most even think that it’s life-threatening and shouldn’t be a part of the treatment at all.

The best way to fully understand its concept is to learn the myths that surround it. Here is a list of a few common misconceptions about the various forms of sedation such as IV sedation dentistry and the tea behind it.

Common misconceptions about sedation dentistry

Sedation puts you to sleep.

Most patients often confuse general anesthesia with sedation dentistry, yet they’re entirely different. Only general anesthesia puts you into deep sleep, while sedation induces a profound form of relaxation. The latter lets you stay conscious during the procedure and allows you to respond to your dentist’s instructions.

It’s solely for patients with deep-seated phobias.

The treatment is not only for people who are terrified to go to the dentist. Like other sedation treatments, IV sedation dentistry is an excellent option for most dental patients, despite their level of fear. The procedure helps them relax their mind and body as they undergo the dental procedure. Furthermore, it allows them to control their gag reflex. It’s also an excellent option for those with a restless tongue or those who have trouble sitting for longer treatments.

Sedation is expensive.

Contrary to common belief, the sedation dentistry cost is affordable for most patients. Although there is an extra charge for specific sedation process, there are a few health insurance companies who cover for these expenses. The idea of receiving a comfortable treatment far outweighs its value. Moreover, the dentist will be able to perform all the necessary dental procedures while the patient is under sedation. Since the patient is at ease and relaxed, the dentist will not hesitate to complete the dental treatments needed.

It’s limited to specific procedures.

Unlike general anesthesia, sedation dentistry is an ideal option for almost all dental procedures. A patient may be given a sedative before he undergoes a tooth extraction in Thornhill, Ontario or even an oral prophylaxis. It’s best for patients that have a low pain threshold. It’s even safe for children to undergo sedation, especially if they tend to fidget during a dental procedure.

Sedation is only administered through the veins.

Although IV sedation dentistry is one of the most common types of sedation, there are still other methods available to patients. Other methods of sedation include an inhalation conscious sedation and oral sedation. Both are quite effective, yet the effect on a patient may vary. Most would opt for Intravenous because of its potency and immediate effect. Once the dentist removes the IV line, the effect will soon start to disappear until the patient eliminates the medication from his system.

Meanwhile, an oral sedation requires the patient to place the pill under his tongue or ingest it. The medication will soon take effect after a few minutes and will last for a few hours. On the other hand, a nitrous oxide sedation is a procedure where the patient inhales a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen. It’s commonly known as laughing gas and often gives the patient a feeling of lightheadedness.

It’s crucial to let your dentist know about your medical history before he administers any form of medication, sedation, or anesthesia. These are vital factors that’ll determine the right dosage for you. Ask your dentist about the right sedative so you’ll feel comfortable as you sit on his dental chair.

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