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Toronto is a huge place with a wide array of businesses and services—including female dental practices. In a profession that is ruled mostly by males, a female dentist in Toronto is highly sought after.

There are many locations where you can find female dentists working with their colleagues in dental offices, a hospital’s emergency unit or practicing alone. Dental venues may involve assistants and secretaries that could perform duties together with the dentists. This paves the way for proper assistance and communication.

Female dentists are actually favored by many patients. What is it about female dentists that make them so favorable? How do they differ from the males in the same profession? Here are some of the views from the patients of female dentists..

Gentle Hands

Female dentists are preferred not only by women patients but also kids and senior citizens. When it comes to handling difficult treatments, many individuals would look for women dentists to treat them. While it is true that male dental professionals deal with more problematic tooth conditions, females on the other hand, have gentler hands. Any form of treatment would be easily dealt with because of the soft handling of the tooth. This makes them more trustworthy in the eyes of the younger and older patients.

Good Conversationalists

Dental practitioners communicate well with their patients just as medical practitioners do. However, female dentists know how to divert attention in order to ease their patients. They do this in a manner that is amazingly unnoticeable. At first, the conversation starts by asking about your tooth condition, then there would be some light questions about your family. Before you know it, your tooth condition is promptly dealt with.


Female dentists may be more attentive to details than their male counterparts. A common trait of female practitioners is their ability to make and maintain eye contact. This habit endears them toward their patients who, in turn, feel well taken care of.

How would you feel if the professional who is treating your teeth problem is silent from start to finish? Tension can always be alleviated by a short conversation. Intermittent as it may be, this can most likely take away any of the doubts and fears of the patients.

Caring Individuals

Women who work in the dental profession provide a more caring attitude where their patients are concerned. Compared to the men, women are more inclined to feeling compassion toward their patients. They are more likely to call-in to ask of a patient’s status which in turn will reassure the patient, as well as establish trust.

Easy to Deal with

When it comes to dealing with people, women seem to be more approachable. As you need more information regarding your insurance coverage, female practitioners are more likely to simply provide that information for you themselves. While male dentists tend to leave it to their secretaries, female dentists give you the information to your questions before you step down from the dental chair. This can go a long way toward a patient’s dental experience, especially since it is not always easy to receive this kind of information from a health insurance company.

Payment Plans

Payment plans can also be hard on the part of the patients, and female dentists understand that it is a cause for some to avoid getting treatment. Leniency towards payment plans may be one of the most favored attributes of a female dentist.

These reasons may be why many individuals seek out the services of a female dentist!

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