Foods That Can Stain Your Teeth And Ruin Dental Bonding

by | Oct 16, 2020 | Dental Health, Dental Services, general dentistry

Dental bonding fixes the minor flaws that you have on your front teeth. It is an excellent cosmetic teeth surgery that improves your smile. To make sure that it lasts, you need to be wary of the foods that stain your teeth.

Does dental bonding make you prone to teeth stains?

Your dentist can recommend dental bonding to fix your chipped or cracked tooth. The procedure involves applying a resin to your teeth and hardening it using a special light. 

Apart from improving your smile, teeth bonding can also help with tooth discoloration. However, you need to know that composite bonding is prone to staining because of the material used.

Foods that easily stain your bonded teeth

Drinks like coffee, tea, and sports drinks can stain your teeth over time. On top of avoiding these drinks, limit your intake of foods that work in the same manner.

You just spent money to cover the dental bonding cost. It wouldn’t be wise to quickly ruin your bonded teeth, so avoid foods to preserve them well.

Limit your intake of the following foods to prevent teeth staining:

Coloured candies

Hard candy and the gummy types that come in different colours can stain your dental bonding. The dyes can stay on your enamel, especially when you don’t brush your teeth right away.

You don’t have to worry about treating yourself to these sweet treats from time to time. As long as you don’t eat them frequently, you’ll do just fine.

Dark chocolate

Chocolates that come in dark varieties cause mild staining. They contain plant compounds called tannins, which contribute to the dark colour and slightly bitter taste. Tannins prevent plaque buildup by binding to the bacteria, yet they also cause staining.

The case isn’t the same for milk chocolates, especially for those that use animal fat. Animal milk has rich in fat that prevents stains from staying on the teeth.

Dark sauces

Sauces with rich colours like soy, curry and tomato are undoubtedly tasty, but they can cause stains on your teeth. Moreover, tomato-based sauces are acidic. Eating acidic foods often weakens your tooth enamel and gum line, thus leading to tooth sensitivity.

You can switch to sauces that are either light in colour or creamy. After eating, brush your teeth to ensure that the sauces don’t cling to your dental bonding for long. 

Bright-coloured fruits

Fruits with bright colours such as cherries, pomegranates, blackberries, and blueberries are culprits of teeth stains. The same goes for their juices and the pies or jams that use them as ingredients.

You can opt for fruits with pale colours such as white cranberries and grapes. It will help if you are still mindful of their acidic content, as they can cause the enamel to weaken.

You must always ensure that your bonded teeth look glossy and natural. Consult your Thornhill dentist on what foods you can eat to avoid teeth stains on your cosmetic bonding.

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