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Pain-Free Dentistry: 10 Ways A General Dentist Can Aid You

by | Dec 29, 2022 | blog, Dental Health, Dental Services, general dentistry, Health, Thornhill dental services

General dentist in Thornhill North York is a primary care provider who diagnoses, treats, and manages overall oral health. They are trained to perform routine Thornhill dental procedures such as cleanings, fillings, and extractions. They also work with patients to develop custom treatment plans to maintain optimal oral health.


This dental professional provides a wide range of dental services. These services can include preventive care, diagnosis and treatment of dental problems, and cosmetic dentistry Thornhill procedures. General dentist in Thornhill North York usually work in private practices, although some may also work in hospital settings or other healthcare facilities.

Dental procedures a general dentist can perform 

A general dentist can do a wide variety of procedures, including but not limited to fillings, dental crowns Thornhill, bridges, implants, dentures, extractions, and root canals. They can also do preventive measures such as cleanings, fluoride dental treatments Thornhill, and sealants. General dentist in Thornhill North York are trained to handle most dental needs, but there are some procedures that require the expertise of a specialist.

10 common dental procedures general dentists perform   

  1.   Dental cleanings.

The vast majority of patients visit the general dentist in Thornhill North York for this reason. Most dental experts advise getting teeth cleaning every six months, while others advise doing it once a year. It is an important aspect of oral health in any situation. Your toothbrush is not nearly as effective as the tools a dentist uses to clean your teeth.

Your teeth will remain strong, gleaming, and healthy with biannual cleaning appointment. Additionally, getting cleaned up is not painful at all.

2.   Teeth whitening.

Much like cleaning, teeth whitening is a relatively painless procedure. It is a simple operation that general dentist in Thornhill North York can do. Bleaching is faster and safer in a dental office since it is done by an expert. Dental professionals often use a specific hydrogen peroxide gel and a special light source to whiten teeth faster.


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3.   Extractions.

The process of extraction sounds unpleasant and unsettling. They aren’t exactly the most enjoyable processes, to be honest. However, your general dentist in Thornhill North York will make every effort to make you feel at ease. There are several scenarios in which you may need an extraction.


You’ll probably be completely numbed or asleep when getting a tooth extracted. Nothing will be felt by you at all! Although you may feel sore afterward, extractions are usually done to stop more misery.

4.   Veneers

Your general dentist in Thornhill North York may suggest veneers if your teeth are uneven or discolored. These are really well-liked remedies for typical dental issues. It basically consists of a thin cap put over the front portion of a tooth or set of teeth. They have a whitening function as well, although their main usage is for remedial measures. Most people find the treatment to be uncomplicated and painless, and dentists find it to be straightforward.

5.   Fillings.

Cavities are all too prevalent and all too easy to develop. Fillings should be used to treat the vast majority of cavities. Too much acid exposure can quickly damage tooth enamel in humans.


Fortunately, most cavities may be filled quickly. Most likely, you’ll have numbness after the filling, which may last for a few hours. It normally takes an hour to complete, after which it is in perfect condition. While they are operating, you could feel pressure, but it shouldn’t hurt.

6.   Crowns.

A crown is the best option if your tooth’s top has rotted or your cavity is a bit too big for a filling. Like the filling, these treatments often need two visits but shouldn’t be too uncomfortable. In order for a lab to create an appropriately fitting crown to cover the decaying region, your Thornhill dentist will take a mold of your tooth.


There are “printers” in certain offices. They employ a unique x-ray and computer combo to capture images and create a crown on the spot! The fitting and fastening of the crown will take place on the second appointment, which is often quick and painless.

7.   Root canal.

Most patients dislike this, and with good reason. The necessity for a root canal typically comes before excruciating tooth pain. A root canal denotes infected and inflammatory tissue inside or under your tooth. To alleviate the discomfort, the dentist must numb the nerve and remove the tissue. It can be required in some situations to take an antibiotic before the procedure.


The good news is that you won’t feel any pain since you’ll be numb before it happens. Instead, all you’ll feel is pressure. You may experience some numbness after the surgery, which might take a few hours, but you should not experience any discomfort afterward because the infection has been treated.

8.   Bonding.

This is another method for mending teeth that have been fractured or damaged. Your dentist will tint a resin—a type of plastic—to match the hue of your teeth naturally. It is less intrusive than some other procedures, especially for minor flaws. Several layers are required to fix the resin, and each layer is “dried” using a light. The region is then cleaned and polished to make it naturally fit in with the tooth. Although simple, the process may take some time.

9.   Dentures

Dentures are often seen to be a sign of aging, yet many people may really need them. They are usually detachable and designed to replace teeth in a natural fashion.

Denture fitting is a standard procedure that takes some time. In the end, it is worthwhile to have a full set of functional teeth.

10.   Braces/Invisalign.

Although dental clinics are increasingly using Invisalign, traditional braces still provide the same purpose. The objective is to straighten and fix crooked teeth because they are usually healthier and easier to maintain. After the fitting procedure, there may be a little soreness, but nothing serious.


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