Good Oral Health Is The Key To Having Overall Good Health

by | May 26, 2015 | Dental Health, Health

We all know that overall good health is the means for living a long and wholesome life. Little do people know, however, that having strong teeth and healthy gums can greatly affect that overall health.

Your mouth is constantly swarming with good bacteria like the rest of your body. Keeping the bacteria under control requires the traditional brushing and flossing that we’re used to. However, if not under control, bacteria can cause illnesses in the mouth like gum ailments, cavities and tooth decay.

If you take medications to soothe the pain from these ailments, a common side effect is the decrease of the flow of saliva, which can actually be fatal. Saliva is important in helping to digest food, and it counteracts the acid created by bacteria inside the mouth.

Plenty of studies have shown that bacterial activity in the mouth, especially the swelling connected to periodontitis (a serious type of gum disease), can cause several other types of diseases in the body. This is how your oral health greatly affects the rest of your health.

Going to the dentist’s office for a routine checkup is essential not only for the maintenance of good oral health, but also in preventing all types of diseases. Even the most basic routines, such as brushing and flossing, can markedly make a huge difference.

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