How Mouthguards Prevent Sports Injuries to Teeth

by | Apr 18, 2017 | Dental Health

It’s important to protect the teeth while playing sports, especially if it is a full contact, or high impact sport. A mouthguard can help protect your teeth and is one of the most affordable dental products. You can use different types of mouthguards from an inexpensive, boil and shape model to an expensive custom-made version. There’s good reason you should invest in dental mouthguards in Thornhill.

How a Mouthguard Works

The mouthguard works to protect the teeth from becoming damaged from an impact. They provide protection to the inside of the mouth and help keep the cheeks and lips from lacerations due to teeth breaking or chipping. It also gives a person something to bite down on since that is the instinct just before impact. Besides adding cushioning for impacts, a mouthguard also acts as a shock absorber if there is a blow to the chin or jaw.

What Types of Injuries can Mouthguards Prevent?

Athletes should wear mouthguards when they are participating in sports. Their importance can’t be overstated. There are several types of common injuries they can prevent including:

  • Protect teeth from breaking or chipping
  • Keep the tooth’s root safe from damage
  • Prevents injuries to cheeks and lips
  • Keeps athletes from biting their tongue
  • Protects from fracturing a jaw

Are Mouthguards just for Kids?

Anyone who plays sports or engages in rigorous activities should wear mouthguards. Your dental professional can recommend the type of mouthguard needed. Mouthguards are one of the most affordable dental products and it can provide great protection for the teeth and is definitely worth the expense. Talk to your dentist about getting dental mouthguards in Thornhill. Let them suggest the type of mouthguard you will need for the type of sports you are involved in.

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