Top 8 Easy-As-Pie Techniques To Avoid A Root Canal Therapy

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Even with the advancements in technology to make our lives easier and hustle-free, not all embrace these changes. Root canal therapy is now a painless dental procedure, however, there’s still a stigma that clings to it. So, it’s not too surprising that some patients would want to avoid this process even when they need it.

There are other alternatives for clearing a dental disease and one of them is tooth extraction. For dentists, that’s the worst that could happen since they aim to save your teeth from removal. It’s a little-known fact, however, a missing tooth leads to multiple dental risks in the future. For instance, a tooth extraction causes teeth shifting and misalignment.

Fortunately, you may avoid root canal procedure and other methods of dental treatment. These techniques are totally safe, doable, easy, and quick. So, if you want a simpler route to healthy teeth, check these out:

Top 8 ways to avoid root canal therapy

Daily habits

1. Brush twice a day

It’s simple! The only thing that makes brushing a challenge is doing it in a hurry. Sometimes, you can’t brush your teeth properly when you’re going after the bus to work or school. The technique here is to manage your time.

Furthermore, skipping a brush is equal to root canal therapy. Do not get tempted to not brush your teeth when you’re running late. Always bring a dental kit and brush when you’re out in the day. Then, do the same oral regimen before going to bed.

2. Floss once a day

Teeth brushing might never be enough. The structure of a normal toothbrush has limits to some parts of your mouth, especially in the narrow areas. Flossing could help remove the icky food residue that lingers in between teeth spaces. If you don’t practice this, that food debris will develop into decay-causing bacteria.

That’s why you have to make it a habit to floss your teeth everyday to prevent the need for a root canal procedure.

3. Use mouthguard every night

The number of patients who have bruxism is alarmingly growing, however, there’s not much science could do without one’s discipline. One of the causes of night teeth grinding is being overweight and reversing it could easily stop the habit.

Furthermore, some patients acquire this from other causes. If it’s hard to control, dentists recommend using a mouthguard during sleep time to lessen the forces of gnashing.

Regular activities

4. Watch what you eat

Your diet greatly affects your overall health, especially your oral health. If you frequently indulge yourself in hard and acidic foods such as candies and fruit juices, you’re in a bad shape. These food types attack and weaken the teeth and expose it to bacteria and cavity formation.

5. Extra care for restorations

If you already have teeth restorations, like crowns, fillings or bonding, take additional precaution. Most patients who’ve had a root canal therapy needed it to fix broken crowns or fillings with infection. Although the dental restoration material could be durable, they still need proper maintenance.

6. Use sports mouthguard

Always protect your teeth from forces both internally and externally. Use a dental guard especially when playing contact sports and prevent trauma in your face and your teeth. The cost of a root canal treatment is similar to having a customized mouthguard. Better decide which investment is more worth it.

7. Don’t ignore dental pain

Eighty percent of patients only go to the dental clinic when they can no longer endure a toothache. That’s the worst decision anyone could make because by then, things would be too late. Consult your doctor at the onset of dental pain and have it treated immediately to avoid a root canal procedure.

8. Visit your dentist on schedule

Once you have a regular appointment scheduled, always show up. Even when you don’t have any complaints, you might never know what a dental X-ray could detect. Slight cracks should be prevented as that’s where worse things begin.

The Thornhill root canal therapy could guarantee patients a totally comfortable procedure to treat serious dental pain.

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