How To Deal With Teeth Grinding Symptoms

by | Dec 13, 2018 | blog

Bruxism or the grinding of the teeth while sleeping is a typical medical condition that affects one’s dental health. Most teeth grinding symptoms are usually unnoticed since patients are unconscious when it happens. Sometimes, family members complain to the patient because the gnashing sounds distress them at sleep.

If patients can’t see any signs about this condition, it may lead to dental or health issues. The dentist in Yonge and Steeles tells patients that some waking up complains can be signs of teeth grinding.

Teeth grinding symptoms

  • The most common sign of bruxism is the facial pain. Patients complain about a mix of a and numb face when they wake up.
  • A headache is another teeth grinding symptoms that are easily ignored by patients since it can be an effect to other causes.
  • Patients can experience an earache because it’s near the affected muscles.
  • TMD or temporomandibular disorder is where the jaws become stiff and sore.
  • Patients and their partners often suffer disrupted sleep because of the annoying grating sounds of the teeth.
  • dentist in Yonge and Steeles also treats worn-down and broken teeth due to excessive teeth grinding.

How to prevent teeth grinding?

Bits of information to prevent teeth grinding are available over the web. However, the best course of action is to approach a specialist. Teeth grinding symptoms can be signs to other health problems. That’s why dentists need to do a careful diagnosis to provide patients with the proper treatment.  

Using a dental appliance such as mouth guards can help reduce the pressure of clenching teeth. Other recommendations from the dentist in Yonge and Steeles include muscle relaxation exercises before sleeping. Patients can also try cognitive behavioral therapy to identify and manage anxiety causes.  

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