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Dr. Mandana Many


Dr. Mandana Many graduated from the University of Toronto in 2010 and DDS with honors from the University of Shahid Beheshti.

With valuable years of experience in dentistry, Dr. Mandana Many believes in creating a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan for each patient. She is meticulous with her diagnosis and highly values giving the best treatment options so that each patient makes a well-informed decision. She’s passionate about helping patients achieve a functional and aesthetic smile for their oral health. She values long term relationships with her patients.

Dr. Many is proficient in all aspects of dentistry. She has a particular interest in complex root canals and cosmetic dentistry. She delivers high quality treatment using technological advancements. 

Her soft, nurturing demeanor is calming for anxious patients. She has a strong passion for providing care to pediatric patients. Dr. Many enjoys giving back to the community through volunteer services. She has been practicing in Ontario for over 9 years. After graduating from the University of Toronto, she was the only dentist practicing in Minden for 3 years, shortly after she practiced for an additional 3 years in Sudbury, Ontario.

She has a thriving and established dental office in the heart of Thornhill for over 5 years because of her devotion and love of dentistry.

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Dr. Jason Hwang


Dr. Jason Hwang is a dual Board Certified Dentist in Canada and the US. His pursuit of comfort dentistry began with his own experience as an anxious patient in a waiting room. “I remember nervously waiting for the doctor, in pain, and I was wondering where the strange dental office smell was coming from.” Since then, he developed an interest in dentistry and wanted to pursue his career to redefine the doctor-patient relationship by ensuring confidence, patience, and comprehensive care for all his patients.

In his training in urban Detroit at the University of Detroit Mercy, he has encountered severe cases of tooth loss from trauma, severe periodontal disease, and rampant decay that could have been avoidable with early care. Treating such cases first hand made him hold a strong emphasis on prevention. “You can eat your greens and exercise daily to avoid heart diseases. In the same way, routine dental visits and cleanings are necessary to avoid losing your smile. It is all part of healthy living.”

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Bess Adamidis

Office Manager

If you need to inquire information about our office or would like us to be part of a Community event related to the Dental Industry Bess is the correct person to contact.

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