How Much Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost?

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Wisdom tooth removal is a surgical procedure done to the third molars, also known as your wisdom teeth. The dental staff at a Thornhill dental clinic will examine your wisdom tooth to check whether it has erupted properly, or not.

Wisdom teeth are the last permanent teeth to appear. If there is not enough space for the wisdom tooth to grow it may cause complications. The wisdom tooth then becomes impacted and may need to be removed if it causes pain.

When does a wisdom tooth need to be extracted?

Your wisdom tooth is likely to be removed if it causes:

  • Pain
  • Infection
  • Damage to other teeth
  • Development of a cyst around the impacted tooth
  • Damage on the jawbone
  • Hindrance to tooth alignment procedures

What factors contribute to wisdom teeth removal cost?

Wisdom tooth removal cost depends on the patient’s oral condition. The things that are considered when giving an estimate of the cost include:

  • The complexity of the required procedure
  • Duration of the procedure
  • The type of anesthesia to be used
  • Number of wisdom tooth to be extracted
  • The arrangement of the tooth on the jaw

The usual cost of a simple wisdom tooth extraction may vary between $100-$260 CAD. However, if the tooth is impacted, it may cost between $300-$785 CAD per tooth. If all four wisdom teeth are impacted and need to be extracted, it may cost up to $4000 CAD.

Check with your Thornhill dental clinic if your dental insurance covers the cost of the wisdom tooth extraction.

A simple tooth extraction can be performed by a general dentist. However, if your tooth’s condition is complicated, you may be referred to an oral surgeon. This may add more on the wisdom teeth removal cost. If you are looking for competitive dental rates, visit the nearest Thornhill dental clinic in your area.

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