Thornhill Dentist: 5 Surprising Benefits of Teeth Cleaning

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Any Thornhill dentist will tell you that oral health starts with having clean teeth. We all want a sparkling white set of teeth. This is because it enhances the quality of our smiles and makes them more beautiful. It is also evidence of healthy teeth. 

However, teeth cleaning and teeth whitening are entirely different. So, what are clean teeth and who needs them?

Dental cleaning, also known as teeth cleaning, removes plaques and tartar that are amassed on the teeth. This is to protect them from gum and teeth issues that may arise. It reaches areas of the mouth where regular toothbrushes will not get as far. It is a thorough washing and cleaning procedure mainly done by a dentist. 

This helps clear food residues hiding between the teeth and bacteria that have formed in other corners of the mouth. The aim of this procedure is also to attain premium oral health for patients.

Why is dental cleaning every six months? 

Although we can do regular teeth cleaning at home using a toothbrush, fluoride toothpaste and flossing. It cannot remove plaques and tartar or clear deeper issues that require dental cleaning. A Thornhill dentist advises teeth cleaning once in six months. This is because it is much more effective and beneficial to oral health. It is much more thorough and can go to lengths your routine brushing cannot. 

Your dentist will examine your teeth to look for cavities and other issues that may cause future problems. Twice a year, you save money by preventing future dental issues. If your dentist discovers any problems, they will be communicated to you. You can then book an appointment to handle the case before it deteriorates.

Dental cleaning tools 

For dental patients in Thornhill, the dentist in charge of teeth cleaning will use professional tools. These tools for dental treatment involve:

  • Scalers: there are different types and shapes of scalers. However, the general purpose of scalers is to remove and scrap out plaques in the teeth.
  • Dental and Concave Mirrors: These are mirrors used by the dentist to have a clearer view of your teeth. It is also used to check the inner back side of the teeth. The concave mirror reveals a magnified view of the teeth and reflects light. This helps the dentist to see your teeth clearly and check for plaques or inflammation on the gum.
  • Periodontal Probes: It is long and thin with a shape that looks like a hook and an end that’s blunt. Dentists use it to check the gums and assess the pocket depth.
  • Saliva Ejectors: During teeth cleaning, it is expected that plaques, and hidden food particles, will come out from the teeth. Saliva ejectors are used to clean out all these, including saliva, during dental cleaning.
  • Ultrasonic Scalers: It removes attached deposits such as plaques and tartar from the teeth. It helps hasten descaling in teeth cleaning.
  • Curettes are small hand tools that remove plaques from tooth areas below the gum line.
  • Digital X-Rays: The Thornhill dentist will use them to scan the teeth and gums to check for issues carefully. This way, the dentist can check for teeth or gum cracks or holes before cleaning.


Here are five good advantages of cleaning your teeth by a Thornhill dentist.

  • It prevents the build-up of plaques and tartar on the teeth. Tartar is a hard, sticky film that attaches itself to the teeth. Plaque ‌leads to tarter when it’s not removed. Tarter doesn’t look good on the teeth and threatens your overall dental health. Therefore, one significant advantage of dental is that tarter or plaque doesn’t get to stay on your teeth.
  • It is cheaper and saves you time: When dentists detect oral health problems early before deterioration, it becomes easier to deal with. Teeth cleaning can help you avoid tooth decay and removal. It is a preventive measure for future dental problems that you may otherwise detect late. More complicated dental issues, as you know will be much more expensive than a dental cleaning. It also saves multiple appointments and visits to the doctor’s office. It also helps in preventing dental problems in future. 
  • It helps protect you from bad breath and mouth odour. No one likes a bad smell. Bad breath from poor oral hygiene can lead to an offensive mouth odour. This can make you and those close to you very uncomfortable. The cleaning of your teeth, therefore, allows you to start afresh with your oral hygiene. This is because eradicating mouth odour is one of the advantages of dental cleaning. 
  • Brighter and clean teeth: Clean teeth feel good. Even better, clean teeth make you look good! Good oral health makes you feel great and brightens your smile, which is certainly priceless. No matter how clean your face is, unclean teeth can be off-putting.
  • Avoid loss of teeth by keeping them intact. Teeth cleaning can prevent dental problems such as tooth decay, which may lead to tooth extraction. It also feels good to know that your original teeth can be safely guarded with teeth cleaning.

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