What Does A Thornhill Sedation Dentist Do?

by | Nov 2, 2018 | blog, Dental Health, general dentistry, Thornhill dental services

Most patients become anxious when they realize that they need to visit their dentist. The dentists and their  team constantly come up with ideas such as guest lounges to make patients comfortable during their visit. A Thornhill sedation dentist can have a patient sedated so he can either be calm or asleep during the dental procedure.

What are the different levels that a Thornhill sedation dentist follows?

There are different levels of sedation depending on the patient’s age and degree of anxiety. A dentist in Thornhill Ontario shares the following sedation stages a patient can experience:

  • Minimal to moderate sedation – both levels of sedation make the patient relaxed while being conscious. But under a moderate sedation, the Thornhill sedation dentist suggests that a patient may slur when speaking and not clearly remember the dental procedure.
  • Deep sedation to general anesthesia – these stages put a patient into a slumber or an unconscious state while the dental operation is taking place. However, according to a dentist in Thornhill Ontario, the patient can still be woken up with  a light shake.

Sedation procedure

The most common sedation practice the use of local anesthetic as it is efficient in numbing the tooth area. Patients who need to be conscious after the process prefer anesthesia so they can still drive home.

  1. Getting the patient ready. First, a Thornhill sedation dentist dries the patient’s mouth with cotton before administering the anesthesia. A topical anesthetic gel is then applied to the surrounding surface of the area of the damaged tooth.
  2. Injecting the local anesthesia. Next, the dentist in Thornhill Ontario slowly injects the anesthesia into the gum tissue. The anesthetic gel helped ease the patient’s discomfort upon injecting the local anesthesia.

Patients can now comfortably have their dental treatment with sedation dentistry at World Dental Clinic.

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