Thumb Sucking and Snoring Appliances

by | Mar 28, 2018 | Dental Products

Today, we are going to look at two specific dental issues; thumb sucking and snoring appliances.

Thumb sucking

Thumb or finger sucking can cause some major problems when it comes to the teeth and even the growth of the mouth and alignment of teeth. It is also, harder to break than a pacifier. Pacifiers can also cause issues with teeth. Either thumb sucking or pacifiers can cause issues with the permanent or adult teeth.  The strength of the thumb sucking is the main factor in damage to the teeth. If a child passively rests the thumb or finger in the mouth they are much less likely to have dental issues than one who sucks their thumb or finger forcefully. A child sucks their thumbs generally to soothe themselves or it makes them feel secure. Generally, between the ages of 2 and 4, the child stops sucking their thumb or pacifier, if you are concerned about dental changes to your child’s mouth speak to your dentist.

Snoring Appliances

A fitted snoring appliance brings the lower jaw forward which makes room for more air to pass through without interruption and helps stop snoring. This appliance is worn only at night much like a retainer or mouthguard.

The benefits of this appliance are:

  • It’s comfortable
  • Portable making it easy to travel with
  • Easy to care for
  • Easy to wear

The snoring appliance can also help people with mild to moderate sleep apnea. Your dentist will have to work closely with your physician to treat sleep apnea and snoring. Your visit to the dentist will have you receive a dental exam of your mouth, tongue, jaw, teeth, and airway, as well as a possible new x-ray. An impression either digital or physical impression is made from which your appliance will be made specifically for you.

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