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Tips for Persian Immigrants

by | Nov 4, 2014 | daily lfe, Dental Health, Health

Persian immigrants have flocked to Canada as it is one of the countries that offer immigrants in general an array of jobs. The diversity of employment is huge. Asians, other Middle Eastern nationalities and even Europeans have established themselves as successful individuals in this country for several decades now. Nevertheless, there are barriers that create problems when it comes to living in a highly developed country such as this.

Before encountering dilemmas brought on by a dental emergency, one should take a look at the following aspects that must not be taken for granted:

Enhance your Word Power

Imagine spending most of your time expressing the intensity of the pain you feel, or explaining the details of your condition without the doctor understanding a word you say. Language plays an important role, especially between a dentist or doctor and their patient. Without proper understanding, your dentist may not be able to get the full scope of what you’re going through.

In order to be properly established in any country where the native language is not your own, Persians who want to migrate to Canada must equip themselves with Basic English.

Truly consider obtaining access to the Internet. Seeing as most businesses today have an online presence, Persians would just need to browse the internet for the location of the nearest Farsi dentist.

Get someone who is familiar with your Culture

Most Persians tend to differ from Westerners in religion, traditions and culture. Canadian employees may be unfamiliar with the Persians way of life and vice versa. As such, the dentist-patient relationship may be difficult to establish, and even maintain. Upon first arriving and settling in Canada, it might be a good idea for immigrants to take note of Farsi dentists, at least until they get their bearings.

Be familiar with the new environment

One of the most crucial things that could happen to an immigrant is getting lost in a foreign land. Learning the ins and outs of a Canadian city or suburb is one of the first things to do upon arrival.

People new to the country should bring a map when travelling around the city, and should take note of important sites that would be useful to them later on. With all the connections that can easily be made within the community as well as online, Persian immigrants can be 100% certain of finding a reliable Farsi dentist. Be prepared and have fun discovering something new!

Use your connections wisely

As much as possible, new immigrants should try to get the direct numbers of doctors who come highly recommended by their relatives or friends. Before an emergency, you should get hold of emergency hotlines as it would aid in getting help when medical or dental problems arise.  Using your connections or asking for a helping hand from a friend or acquaintance would make it easier for you to converse and understand instructions given by the doctor.

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