Keeping The Influencer Status With Dental Bonding Treatment

by | May 25, 2019 | blog, Dental Services, general dentistry, Orthodontics

It’s easy to become a celebrity these days because of technology and its influence through social media. However, what makes it difficult to stay in that euphoria is the fact that most also go for looks. Somehow, enhancing your appearance takes a lot of cost and time. Without much of that requirement, you’ll end up struggling and it’s real. With dental bonding, maintaining that popular vibes wouldn’t be so hard anymore.

This dental treatment has got the advantages that every influencer is looking for. It’s affordable, fast, easy, safe, and comfortable. Take a closer look at these benefits.



Most patients find the average dental bonding cost the most affordable among other cosmetic dental treatments. You can spend around $200 CAD to $600 CAD in order to attain virtually perfect teeth in such a very short time. That’s not a bluff at all!

Nevertheless, you have to consider the other services that go along with the treatment such as consultation and X-rays. These will be necessary before the dental procedure. You also have to understand that the price may vary depending on the number of teeth involved.

If you must, ask your insurance provider for coverage as most of them pay for necessary dental treatments. Dental bonding may be a cosmetic option but it could be a major procedure if it is done to fill up a cavity.


Most teeth bonding procedures are done in a single office visit. Typically, you could go home with a brand new smile that is permanent and doesn’t need follow ups. You should take note, though, that the more teeth involved, the more time you have to spend at the dental office. Generally, bonding each tooth could take only less than an hour. However, the outcome will always be worth each dental bonding cost.


It’s easy and comfortable! The procedure for applying tooth bonding is minimal to non-invasive. Unlike the other treatments such as veneers and crowns, bonding a tooth won’t need anesthesia. Since there’s no need to reshape or remove a portion of the tooth enamel, pain is not in the picture. Unless the process is required to treat a decayed tooth which was painful, you might feel a little uncomfortable.

What dental issues need dental bonding?

Now that you understand the benefits that dental bonding offers you, see if this treatment suits your dental needs.

1. Repair damaged teeth

Tooth bonding uses a composite material that’s more sturdy and durable than regular fillings. Using a curing light, it could form into any shape your dentist desires it to be. If you have chips and cracks, it’s easy for the bonding process to fix it. Even “small” teeth could be made longer with this method.

2. Restore teeth from discoloration

Your Ontario dentist may suggest teeth bonding to improve your teeth discoloration. This cover up could easily provide you with brighter teeth without having to undergo weeks of dental bleaching.

3. Close teeth gaps

It’s common for patients to find teeth gaps unpleasant. Fortunately, bonding could simply cover or close it up and make the teeth look closer to each other.

4. Alternative to an amalgam filling

Amalgam fillings are unattractive due to its dark color. This is why patients would prefer tooth bonding since its material blends well with the rest of the teeth.

5. Covers up receding gums

A gummy smile is also one issue when it comes to aesthetics. However, it’s also important to cover receding gums to prevent the tooth roots from the exposure that leads to sensitivity.

Every dental bonding cost spent is worth it when you enjoy the benefits of this treatment. Keep up that pleasant smile and image in contributing to society.

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