When Is Tooth Extraction Needed?

by | Jun 20, 2017 | general dentistry

Tooth extraction is often needed for different tooth conditions. Whenever possible, your dentist will work hard to save a tooth. However, there are situations where removing a tooth is the best option. This has led to tooth extraction in Thornhill becoming one of the most common procedures dentists perform.


When a tooth is severely damaged, whether due to an accident that left it cracked or due to decay, the only option may be to remove it. If the tooth is broken off at the gum line, you will need a surgical extraction rather than a simple extraction. This means making an incision into your gum to remove the tooth.


Your dentist will first attempt to remove an infection in the pulp of your tooth with root canal therapy. However, if the procedure proves unsuccessful, your dentist will need to extract your tooth to prevent the disease from spreading.

Weak Jawbone

If the jawbone beneath your tooth is damaged due to an injury or to periodontal disease, it may be unable to support your tooth and the tooth will become loose.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

It is common for wisdom teeth to crowd other teeth, erupt at an angle that leads teeth to rub against your cheeks, or have insufficient room to erupt completely, leaving them partially under the gums. In all these situations, your dentist will need to remove some or all of your third molars to prevent discomfort and decay.

Orthodontic Reasons

In some cases, the only way to provide enough room for all your teeth is to extract some. Your dentist will choose which teeth to remove to create an even smile.
Tooth extraction may be your only option or one of several options. Removing a tooth is often least expensive treatment and it may offer you immediate relief from pain.

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