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Wisdom Teeth Removal: Why you Might Need One?

by | Sep 8, 2015 | blog, Dental Health, Health

Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure for young adults.  That’s because the wisdom teeth can cause a variety of problems including tooth decay, changes in bite, impacted teeth and damage to other dental work.  Not everyone needs wisdom teeth removal, but it’s a question you need to take to your dentist.  He or she can examine your teeth and evaluate your unique situation and risk of problems in the future.  Here are some of the potential problems having your wisdom teeth removed can solve.

Crowded Teeth

Some people don’t have enough room for their wisdom teeth.  Their jawbones simply aren’t long enough to accommodate these teeth.  The crowding can lead to many other dental issues, some of which are listed below. Because you can opt for wisdom teeth removal, you often can avoid these problems.  However, if you wait for the problems to occur, your dentist may have to correct problems in your other teeth.

Jaw Damage

Did you know that your wisdom teeth can hollow out your jaw?  It happens when cysts form around the teeth. Your wisdom teeth dig into your jaw, damaging your jaw and the nerves around the teeth.  If you have any jaw pain, it’s important to visit your dentist to prevent jaw damage.

Sinus Problems

Here’s an issue you might not expect.  When your wisdom teeth fit poorly in your mouth, it can cause you to have sinus issues, including congestion, sinus pain and sinus pressure.  Eventually, you might struggle with chronic sinus infections.  Make sure your dentist knows about any sinus problems you’re having so he or she can examine your wisdom teeth and help you decide if you need to have them removed.

Swollen Gums

Your gums can become swollen and form pockets around your wisdom teeth. This can lead to gingivitis, periodontal disease and tooth los.  Whenever you experience swollen gums, you should always check with your dentist for evaluation and treatment.

Bite Issues

Because wisdom teeth often come in crooked, they can cause you to have bite issues, or malocclusions.   The problem can make it difficult to chew properly.  It can also damage other dental work by putting pressure on crowns, bridges, partial dentures or implants.  When this happens, your entire mouth can get out of alignment.  If you don’t have your wisdom teeth removed to prevent this, you’ll not only have to have them removed later on, but you might end up having your dentist redo much of the other dental work in your mouth.


It’s common to get cavities in your wisdom teeth.  One reason for this is that it’s extremely hard to brush the wisdom teeth properly, particularly if they are crowded.  What’s more, they can cause other teeth near them to get cavities, because they take up too much room in your mouth and make other teeth hard to brush. If there’s no crowding, having dental sealants applied to the chewing surfaces of the wisdom teeth can help.  Only your dentist can help you make the right decision about whether to have wisdom teeth removal.

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